Catholic Cemeteries perform a sacred function on behalf of the entire Christian community.  They serve as symbols of the extended community of believers - a community unbroken by death. Each of our Catholic South Florida Catholic Cemeteries consists of 125 acres designed, developed and landscaped to provide a setting of beauty and tranquility.  The cemeteries offer traditional ground burial, lawn crypt gardens, numerous garden mausoleums and buildings niches for cremated remains.  Columbaria are also located in the beautiful marble and stained glass chapel mausoleums, where remembrance Masses are celebrated regularly. Compassionate and sensitive professionals are available to help with all burial arrangements and guide the family through every step of the process for  at-need and pre-need family counseling.  We believe that the family's time of healing should not be interrupted with the necessities of handling complicated arrangements.  It is certainly easier, kinder and more economical to make decisions and selections of final resting place together, as a family...before the moment of need.