Who may be buried in a Catholic cemetery?
Do most people make their own arrangements ahead of time?
What is the first thing I should do?
Do I need to pay in full for my cemetery space at the time of purchase?
Do you offer a payment plan on graves and crypts?
Can I bring my friends to see the space I have purchased?
Who can I contact to make my arrangements?
When will I receive my License?
Why are there different types of graves?
What is a vault? Why is it required?
Does the cemetery charge monthly maintenance fees for graves?
What other costs are associated with a ground burial?
What is the Interment fee?
What is the process for approval of Memorial work?
What is a Mausoleum Crypt?
What determines the cost of a crypt?
What is cremation?
What is the proper name for these remains?
When should cremation take place?
How should cremated remains of the body be handled?
Upon receipt of the cremated remains of the body, what should I do with them?
What Catholic Rites are available for those choosing cremation?
May I place a flag on a grave?
What is your return and exchange policy?
What are your visiting and office hours?